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If You all get to Heaven – Black Rubee

June 16th, 2023|

Created by: Sananda Maitreya aka Terence Trent D’Arby
Performed By: Black Rubee – Vocals
Chris Brandon – Guitar
Gabriie Luc Gonzalez – Guitar
Seth Nicholson – Bass

Director: Sarah Jay Halliday
Producer: Tara Kutz
Executive Producer – Andrea Brandon
This is the Property of Black Rubee Entertainment llc.
*For promotional use only

His voice is one in the tapestry that is America: Black Rubee weaves a patchwork of sound. He’s a musical storyteller, whose words echo from his ancestral South Carolina Cherokee roots and that rich cultural history. Rubee blends his version of Mystic Blues, Future Folk, & Dark Country into the Americana Root genre, with a fresh sound that’s both soulful and timeless. Inspired by the greats that came before him—like Bill Withers, Last Poets, and Solomon Burke—Rubee’s music speaks of social forces transcended by the power of spirit.

His lyrics resonate on multiple levels, guiding listeners through the darkest of times with a message of faith, justice, and peace. The journey begins as the melody takes hold. It’s a delightful, pleasing, and complex ride, with Rubee’s voice leading the way like a beacon of light. His music celebrates the strength and resilience of Black culture in America, reminding us that “Black is You, Black is Me, Black is Us, Black is Free.”

Black Rubee stands tall with a sound all his own and a powerful message to impart.



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